Barbara Salinas, Realtor

Barbara Salinas, Realtor

Home Trust International (HTI):  What first compelled you to enter real estate?

Barbara Salinas, Realtor (BSR):  I was friendly with an established REALTOR who was having trouble finding a qualified Assistant to help her and take over her business as she was planning to retire.  We joined and the transition for both of us went very smoothly.

HTI:  What inspires you and who has most influenced you?

BSR:  My mentor, she was such a fair person and instilled in me that what is best for the customer is always what is best.

HTI: Please tell us about your family and your personal life.

BSR:  I’ve been married for almost 23 years.  I have a son currently attending University of South Florida and an adult step-son and precious grandson.  My husband and I are avid exercisers.  We love outdoor boot camp!  This keeps us in good shape for our favorite thing… ballroom dancing.

HTI:  What is the best advice you ever received?

BSR: When everyone is running, walk.  When everyone is walking, run.

HTI:  Is there a common thread that runs through all great homes?

BSR:  I think it is quality and value and typically the quality of any product or service determines the value.

HTI:  In what ways has real estate changed over the years?

BSR:  Technology has made information so easily accessible, though not always accurate.  Being on top of the market trends and changes has become paramount.

HTI:  What is special that brings you pleasure?

BSR:  Anything that makes me think of my son, I cherish.

HTIWhat makes a room or home sing?

BSRI am fond of simplicity with a splash of color to catch the eye.

HTIDo you have a particular place you enjoy visiting?

BSRI enjoy cruising just about anywhere.

HTIDo you have a secret hideaway?

BSR Fred Astaire Dance Studio – it turns into total ‘off-the-clock’ time.

HTIThen you must enjoy music too?  And books?

BSR I love listening to all kinds of music.  I enjoy dancing to swing and blues.  As for books, I really enjoy a good mystery.

HTIDo you have a favorite author?

BSR My favorite author would be James Patterson.

HTISo when you’re not working, you’re most likely…?


HTI What makes a great organization?

BSRThe ability to anticipate the needs of its members or customers and provide them.

HTI:  Why The Home Trust? 

BSRI think it seems like a perfect fit for the Naples market.  Most clients are away for a significant amount of time and I feel that this will improve my ability to assist them in a timely manner.

HTIThank you for your time today.  Anything else you’d like to share with us?

BSR I consider helping people with their real estate needs a great privilege and strive to exceed their goals and expectations.   As REALTORS, we all offer the same inventory, so customer service is our product.

HTI: Wonderful.  Thank you.