Growing up in the family tile business and watching her mother create beautiful artwork, Barbie developed her artistic soul and passion for design from family traditions. She graduated from design school and began her journey by working with a leading interior design firm. After that, she spent the last decade combining her love of tile and design by helping designers, builders and homeowner’s source and purchase some of the most beautiful tile and stones from around the world.

In collaboration with International Wholesale Tile, Barbie is using her artistic skills to launch a highly personal, hand-designed collection of extraordinary surfaces. The compelling designs are based on the patterns she observes everywhere she goes. Whether inspired by a series of retro circles in a 60’s concrete wall or a bouncing wave Pattern while walking by the river, Barbie is constantly imagining how to interpret shapes and patterns into her designs.

Barbie is a mixologist infusing unexpected materials in expected shapes and patterns. She believes that every home is a personal canvas and should have ‘artful surfaces’ that Represent a person from the inside out.


Barbie Kennedy’s products are available through the finest tile and stone stores in North America.

3500 SW 42nd Avenue, Palm City, Florida  34990