Decorative Carpets’ rugs and carpets cover the far corners of the world, from Japan, Mexico, Malaysia and Hong Kong to Great Britain, France, Saudi Arabia and beyond.  The world’s finest designers depend on Decorative Carpets for their clients.

Decorative Carpets by STARK serves Interior Designers, clients and hospitality globally.

8900 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood, California 90069  310.859.6333

Decorative Carpets by STARK is headquartered in West Hollywood, California with manufacturing facilities in Bangkok, Thailand.  The company adheres to the strictest quality control measures, carefully managing every single detail of the custom process.  Our dedicated staff, on each continent, is devoted to ensure your project receives the highest level of care and concern from start to finish.


For over 60 years Decorative Carpets has supplied custom floorings to the world’s most prestigious residential and commercial interiors.  A proud tradition started by Louis Sugarman and handed down to his son George Sugarman.  Today, George’s daughter, Sara, is next in line to carry on the extraordinary family tradition.