Private commission work by Gordon Huether Studio, as the term suggests, is a personal matter for the artist. A vital part of the design-development phase is getting to know his clients – their creative vision and the project intent. The production and final realization of the project is guided by an initial concept. Naturally, this concept morphs, changes and is shaped by factors such as space, creative vision of the client and the artist, materials used and the possibilities they offer.

Studio & Gallery 1821 Monticello Road, Napa, California  94558


Huether strives to build his concepts based on one, the client’s ideas, two, his artistic sense of composition and experience, and three, a professional, seamless and high-quality production, while maintaining the project’s artistic integrity. Light and open space are guiding elements in the design phase.

All of the work Huether designs is fabricated at his studio in Napa, CA. His team of skilled professionals is internationally recognized for their innovative approach and creative craftsmanship in a wide range of glass work, composite fabrication, welding, wood and metal working. Each project receives detailed attention from its initial stages of planning and collaborating on design, throughout the entire fabrication process and the final installation of the work.