Perla Lichi, ASID

Perla Lichi, ASID
President, Perla Lichi Luxury
President, Perla Lichi Institute

The Home Trust International (HTI): What first compelled you to enter your business field?

Perla Lichi (PL): My first “design job” was arranging a collection of dolls as “wall art” on my bedroom wall when I was 9 years old, so the instinct was there early on.  My parents were in the jewelry business and I was raised to appreciate beauty. My mother loved classic interior design in the French style and so I was aware of interior design very early in my life. Truth is, however, my first career goal when I was in my teens was to become a fashion designer. Through serendipity, I entered an interior design competition at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. To everyone’s surprise, including mine, I won first place which included a full four-year scholarship! So naturally my parents were elated and my future direction was sealed!

HTI: What inspires you and who has most influenced you?

PL: I am always inspired by shapes, forms, color combinations and materials that I see in my travels. I travel frequently between my showrooms in Florida and the Middle East and also have clients in many different countries. There is always something new to observe and learn.

HTI: What is the best advice you ever received?

PL: Smile in the face of adversity. When negative things happen, keep going and there is usually a silver lining–even if that silver lining is just a stronger you.

HTI: Please tell us about your family.  Are you the same person at home as you’re known by your colleagues and industry?

PL: I am very close to my family which, after three marriages, is very extended indeed! We recently celebrated my younger son Izzy’s wedding. Some 150 close family members, dear friends, colleagues, current and past employees came from near and far. This wedding celebration was a reflection of my love of people in general and my absolute love to party in particular. People told me how much they enjoyed the Perla Lichi reunion! Maybe that’s something I should consider doing every year!

HTI: Is there a common thread that runs through all great products?

PL: Simple. Good design, appropriate color, and having the product do what it is supposed to do.

HTI: In what ways has your company or industry changed over the years?

PL: Our company has changed as the economy has changed. I started out over 30 years ago doing model homes for builders and developers up and down the Gold Coast, and then gradually segued into very high end residential design. With this emphasis on high-end, in our work and in our marketing, many people forgot that Perla Lichi Design is completely versatile and can work in any arena, applying the same solid principles that we use day in and day out. Our decision was to promote four target markets:  HOME, LUXURY HOME, MODEL HOME and HOSPITALITY to let the world know our diverse capabilities. Stated simply, Perla Lichi can design a client’s main estate or villa as well as their vacation homes and their place of business, or their four-star hotel (if they own one, that is). Our HOME division will create one room at a time and both of our showrooms have an array of decorative accessories.

HTI: What books are you currently reading?

PL: Of course I would have to say I love my own gorgeous coffee table books!  You Deserve Beautiful Rooms, the first one, is out of print. Then there is You Too Deserve Beautiful Rooms and More Beautiful Rooms.  Most recently we published Palaces of the World and Palaces. Copies of my coffee table books are available at both of my showrooms.  I’m planning a new book now which should be available in the Spring of 2016.

HTI: What music do you listen to?

PL: I love the classical music of Vivaldi. On the other hand, our famous parties will have a mix of Latin music and the latest dance music.

HTI: Do you have a favorite city or place you like to travel?

PL: The world is my oyster!

HTI: Do you have a favorite museum?  Why?

PL: I would have to choose the Hermitage in St. Petersburg with its ornate wall and ceiling detailing that has definitely inspired my work in large, estate homes.

HTI: When you’re not working, where are most likely to be found?

PL: Spending time with family and friends or sitting quietly knitting. Yes it’s true, I actually do make the colorful throws that can be seen in many of my interiors.

HTI: What makes a room sing?

PL: If it has that “wow” factor when you walk in, a room also has to “work.” The space plan has to be functional and comfortable as well as beautiful.

HTI: What makes a great organization?

PL: Putting together a group of talented individuals who love what they do and are passionate about extraordinary design!

Perla Lichi is an international interior designer, born in Mexico and living most of her life in South Florida. She is a Florida State Licensed professional interior designer, ID# 1727 and a professional member of the American Society of Interior Designers. She is an honors graduate with an Interior Design degree from The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. Since founding her namesake firm, she has designed and installed the interiors of hundreds of private residences and commercial projects. Her own factories produce award-winning hand made solid wood furniture and interior moldings and this vertical structure gives Perla Lichi a distinct competitive edge. Her design firm serves four specific target markets: Homes, Luxury Homes, Model Homes and Hospitality, and has the unusual capability, with employees representing more than 20 different nationalities, of working almost anywhere in the world.

Perla Lichi creates any style of design her clients want from contemporary to sumptuous, richly detailed interiors. She is an outspoken champion of encouraging people to hire a professional interior designer for the best, most cost-effective interior design results. It is the mission of Perla Lichi to provide custom interior design products and services to clients around the world.