Tiare Noelani Pinto, CKD, Allied ASID, CGP

Tiare Noelani Pinto, CKD, Allied ASID, CGP (TNP), Founder and President, Archipelago Hawaii


The Home Trust International (HTI): Thank you for being here today. What first compelled you to enter design?

Tiare Noelani Pinto (TNP): I have always been an artist, loved working with fabrics. I got a job at a furniture store and loved when I got to go to client’s homes to help them furnish a room… I then got involved in upholstery and slip covering where I ended up going into people’s homes and helping them put things together… The spark was ignited and I decided to go to design school and make it official.

HTI: What inspires and influences you?

TNP: Nature is my biggest inspiration; shapes, colors and textures. I have been influenced by every designer that has gone before me.

HTI: What is the best advice you ever received?

TNP: My mentor had to remind me that once I’ve completed the installation, it’s the client’s space and they can do what they want to it. It frustrated me so much when clients would move things around after I was done. I had created a balance and they disturbed it….but it is their space. I also need to keep that in mind when I am designing. A good designer designs for the client not themselves.

HTI: Please tell us about your family. Are you the same person at home as you’re known by your colleagues and industry?

TNP: To my colleagues and the industry I am well dressed, well put together woman. At home I am in my bathing suit and pareu, getting dirty in the yard and doing projects, very hands on. At work I am driven, at home I am laid back and relaxed. I have two children and my husband has 6 children and 3 grandchildren. Our home is always a busy place with lots of love and laughter.

HTI: That’s very beautiful.  We’ve only seen the driven side of you!

HTI: Is there a common thread that runs through all great products?

TNP: Quality and simplicity

HTI: We agree completely!

HTI: In what ways has your company changed over the years?

TNP: We have gone from an interior design firm to a kitchen and bath studio, and now we are designing whole homes; we partner with contractor to do design/build green homes. We have completed several of the first LEED platinum homes in Hawaii.

HTI: Do you have a favorite book?

TNT: The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron; doing a workshop with some friends to unlock my creativity in different areas!

HTI: Do you have a favorite type of music?

TNP: Country, Jazz, Folk, Blues, I love all genres of music. I have teenagers so when they are with me its all the current music which I know all the words to, drives them nuts. I cannot sit still when music is playing, I love to sing and dance all the time.

HTI: Seems us that happiness and a propensity for movement permeates Archipelago Hawaii!

HTI: How about places.  Any favorites?

TNP: Italy is a favorite, San Francisco is my favorite US destination.

HTI: And museums?

TNP: Musee D’Orsay in Paris. Had a déjà vu moment when I went there the first time.

HTI: When you’re not working, where are most likely to be found?

TNP: Working on my house, gardening. Going for a beach walk.

HTI: Do you have a favorite painting or artist?

TNP: My painting of Tahitian Smile by Avi Kiriaty; it makes me smile every time I look at it.

HTI: What makes a room sing and you happy?

TNP: When I capture the essence of my client.

HTI: What makes a great organization?

TNP: Team work; valuing everyone’s input, working together for the very best solutions.

HTI: Interesting response.  It seems to us that team work is part of your DNA, and that everyone adores you more because of it; a great lesson in leadership.

HTI: Why The Home Trust?

TNP: To work with a firm that understands the clientele that a high end design firm works with.  Home Trust puts together a team of designers and manufacturers to service that end user.

HTI: Thank you.  Anything else you’d like to share with us?

TNP: I love creating aesthetically pleasing spaces, but more importantly I love creating spaces that will be lived in and function for each clients’ individual lifestyle. The spaces I create leave room for the client to live their lives. I love getting the calls from clients (usually happens about MONTH AFTER COMPLETION WHEN THEY HAVE DEBRIEFED) telling me how I have given them everything they asked for and they love being home and working in their kitchens, etc.

HTI: Thank you Tiare, you’re an extraordinary Interior Designer, business leader and friend.